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How do you calculate CINESPIDER SCORE?
CINESPIDER SCORE is an average of reviews from top critics and publications for a given movie. Our staffers will go through every publication on our Movies Publications list looking for reviews For each review found, we will take the score given by the critic and convert it to a 0-10 point scale. For those critics who do not provide a score, we'll assign a score from 0-10 based on the general impression given by the review. These individual critic scores are then averaged together to come up with an overall score. Thus the resulting CINESPIDER SCORE is a good indication of how a particular movie was reviewed. The better the reviews, the higher the score will be; the worse the reviews, the lower the score will be.

Are user votes included in the CINESPIDER SCORE calculations?
No. User votes are not used for calculating CINESPIDER SCORE. CINESPIDER SCORE is calculated only from top critics and publications. However we are collecting the votes from users and averaging it to get the correct public opinion about the movie. This score will be shown just below the CINESPIDER SCORE as USERS SCORE. CINESPIDER SCORE and USERS SCORE may not be the same since both are calculated differently.

Sometimes instead of score we found N/A. It is also found in different colors. What does it mean?
N/A indicates as Not Available.
To make sure that CINESPIDER SCORE shows the reviews given by critics for a movie more accurately, we do not display a CINESPIDER SCORE for those items that do not have at least three (3) reviews in our database. Once this minimum number of reviews is reached, the CINESPIDER SCORE will display. If no reviews are counted, then N/A will be shown in Gray color. If one or two reviews are counted, then N/A will be shown in the color pattern which represents the average score of those reviews.

I found different colors for different scores. Similarly different colors are provided for different Critic Reviews. What does it mean?
We are following a color pattern for easily identifying the rating of the movie.
If the score is between 8 & 10, it is represented in Dark Green.
If the score is between 6 & 8, it is represented in Light Green.
If the score is between 4 & 6, it is represented in Yellow.
If the score is between 2 & 4, it is represented in Orange.
If the score is between 0 & 2, it is represented in Red.
If no reviews are counted then it is represented in Gray.
Hence, depending upon the score these colors will be shown. This coloring pattern is also used for individual critics' reviews. Thus it will help the users to identify the scores given by Critics for the movie easily.

Different values are shown for different bars. What does the bar graph represent? How does it relate to CINESPIDER SCORE?
Each bar represents the percentage of the number of critic's reviews rated the same range of scores. Different ranges of scores are given different colors as listed above. Hence each bar will represent the percentage of critic's reviews with the same range of scores out of the total number of critic's reviews.

For some Movies it has been noticed that a seal like representation called CINESPIDER VERDICT is found. For some it is not. Why is it so?
CINESPIDER VERDICT will be shown only after adding ten(10) critic's reviews in our database. Thus depending upon the CINESPIDER SCORE from these critic's reviews CINESPIDER VERDICT will be displayed. This helps the users to identify the correct verdict about the movie easily.

Two days back I found the CINESPIDER SCORE for a Movie as 7.2. But now it is showing as 6.3. Why is it so?
CINESPIDER SCORE can vary depending on the reviews added. Since CINESPIDER SCORE is the average of other critic's reviews, the score may vary when other critics post their review. The changes in the CINESPIDER SCORE will be easily visible at the beginning stage of review entry when very less amount of reviews is added. If the database has more reviews about the movie, then while adding the reviews it won't make too much variation in the score.

I read's review of [MOVIE NAME] and it sounded like a 7.5... why did you say that they gave a score in between 4 and 6?
Some of the reviewers are not given a score for the Movies. Hence it is required for the users to read whole the review for getting the correct response on the review. However, this will affect in calculating the CINESPIDER SCORE. Hence our staffs have to give a score from 0 to 10 according to to the Review. In this case, naturally there will be times when you disagree with the score. However, our staffers have read a lot of reviews and thus through experience are able to maintain consistency both from film to film and from reviewer to reviewer. When you read a lot of reviews of the same reviewer, you will be able to develop almost correct score of the review.

Hi, I wrote the review in I gave the score of 7.5 and you gave a score in between 4 and 6? Why is it so?
If you are the critic who wrote the review, and disagrees with one of our scores, please Let us know and we'll change it.

Why don't you include reviews from my web site in your list?
We always look for well-written reviews that are considered in the industry or among the users. We will make changes in our group of reviewers. Reviewers will be added and deleted from our database according to their standards. If you feel that your website should be included in this group, please let us know.

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